Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Song for WHO..

1st verse:
When...I first time met you,
I know it's true, you are the one for me,
finally my dream has come true,
there is no other but you..

I try approaching you,
people say you and me are different,
but i don't want to underestimate you,
coz I know what i'm feelin when be with you..

I just want you to know..that i like you,
I just want you to know...that i care bout you,
you bring colors in me when i'm blue
and i really know girl it's you.

2nd verse:
Over the years we in this boat,
floating together not worried sinking in the ocean,
passing through the obstacles,
broken and stole, smashin and rockin
but finally bring back the piece missin.


3rd verse:
However there is a secret,
That is hard to accept,
But we must facing this together,
No matter how it ends,
I need you to be patient.

Final chorus:
My end is here,
lying on bed, waitin for death, counting time,
that's the secret i'm hiding,
from you coz I don't want you to be sad.

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