Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's time for me to play....haha..
You have been in this game for years and comin,
It's time for me to rule this matter what i'm takin..
To me it's nothing, for you it is a destruction....
This because you cruel and i can't stand it...

You said you're the best but I don't believe it...
As far I know you're talking this shit..sell it to the others
I not worried what happen next, It just me & the others
You know you can't do it, but why you take it..
I hate to say but it worst that coming... I believe you cannot make it..

You gonna last for 7 years, it's a great game that comin,
I want you to see & feel it, the falls down of the good n evil..
The game is ending I want to see who won, judgement day is coming...

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