Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kentang Ki Pride Chi Cane

Salam mulut pembuka selera, Salam hati pembuka mata
Mulut berkata, banyak dusta, Hati berkata, Tiada siapa paham...
When we say, we lie and when we tell the truth, it not gonna be easy...

I always think that (not really..just a few days back) human are animals. I think there is a 'truth' when he( Darwin) categorized human as animals. Besides we are all mammals and this actually proving my point that we indeed are animal...
Human: 1. Brains : Animals
Human: 2. Learn : Animals
Human: 3. Instinctive : Animals
Human: 4.Exaggerate : Animals

And a lot more things that I can say but I think it is not appropriate. However, one thing that make us very different from those animals is the one gift that GOD AL-MIGHTY gave us...THE INTELLIGENCE (AKAL)...

This is the thing that we have and those animals doesn't. Which I'm very amazed and make me wonder why GOD give it to me and all of us humans. This 'akal' is what I think can make us advanced further a lot or make us return us backward depending on how we use it.

Humans as most of us say are part of nature but I think that doesn't make us natural. In opinion, human supposedly do not have all the natural part in them. This is because we have the 'akal'.. We are not bound to all nature laws but we are bound to the laws that GOD had created for us..

I'm sad when I see humans use their 'akal' in such a way that lead to the destruction of their life.. In a way that does not actually follow the nature..Organisms will do the adaptation so that they can survive and make sure that they generation does not parish.. But human; create war to destroy others..They called it competition...Bulllshit!!!!! For what?!

In animal kingdom, the male have the exaggerative traits that function to attract the female so that they can mate..But humans,..they women that have the exaggerative trait to attract the men...They wear tight shirt, spaghetti strap(betol ke ni?), tube, skirts, and the worst part; not wearing clothes at all..NAKED..hehe...Nice...Again; not following the order of nature..Female instead of male..Looks like we are far more worse than the animals...

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